An Embrace With a Freak

A One-Act Play discussing the relationship between Julia Pastrana (a mid-19th Century circus performer known as the Ape Woman, pictured right) and her husband/manager Theodore Lent.  Three narrators tell the story, using the actors that play Theodore and Julia as props.

The play served as a capstone project for the Ohio Northern University Department of English and is still being worked on.  Below is a clip from a reading of a late draft of the play as well as a copy of the character/stage descriptions and opening scene.  If you are interested in hearing and/or seeing more of the script, send Elizabeth a message via her contact page here.

Actor 1: Christopher Hartman

Actor 2: Alexa Lammers

Actor 3: Eli Underwood

Julia Pastrana: Kathryn Watson

Theodore Lent: Ben Frankart


Read along with this document:

Character Descriptions

& Scene 1

© 2017 by Elizabeth Roth

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